The Wake Up Foundation is an educational charity that aims to raise public awareness of the dangerous trends currently under way in Western societies.

Created by journalists-turned-campaigners, the Wake Up Foundation wants to encourage a bottom up, transnational dialogue using the emotional power of film, rigorous statistical analysis and creative campaigning.


Wake Up Europe!

Wake Up Europe! is a campaign to empower people across the continent to think, talk and act together to save Europe from itself, creating events structured around screenings of The Great European Disaster Movie.

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Wake Up 2050 Index

The Wake Up 2050 Index is a statistical indicator of how well western countries are shaping up in the face of the long term forces at work in this century. The data divided into five topics: Demography; Knowledge; Innovation; Globalisation and Institutional resilience.

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La Buona Italia

La Buona Italia is a civic education course based on the documentary Girlfriend in a Coma which addresses topics such as corruption, Italian democracy, food culture, gender equality, family capitalism and organised crime.

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Annalisa Piras


Annalisa is a London based Italian film director and journalist. Her last docu-film “The Great European Disaster Movie” has won the prestigious German CIVIS media prize in the information category.

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Bill Emmott


Bill is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief of The Economist magazine from 1993 to 2006 and the author of 12 books, mainly on Japan, Asia and Italy,

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Richard Sambrook


Richard is Professor of Journalism and Director of the Centre for Journalism at Cardiff University. He is a former Director of Global News at the BBC.

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Rocco Franco


Rocco is the president of the British Italian Law Association, and a member of Business Club Italia, Associazione Internazionale dei Giuristi di Lingua Italiana.

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Ben Page


Ben Page is Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI. A frequent writer and speaker on leadership and performance management.



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